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    Our Best International Rates

    North America
    Canada Calling Card0.5¢
    Mexico Calling Card0.5¢
    USA Calling Card0.8¢
    South America
    Argentina Calling Card1.1¢
    Bolivia Calling Card5.9¢
    Brazil Calling Card1.2¢
    Chile Calling Card1.2¢
    Colombia Calling Card2.5¢
    Peru - Lima Calling Card0.8¢
    Austria Calling Card4.0¢
    France Calling Card0.4¢
    Germany Calling Card0.9¢
    Italy Calling Card0.7¢
    Netherlands Calling Card1.1¢
    Poland Calling Card0.9¢
    Spain Calling Card0.7¢
    Turkey Calling Card1.8¢
    UK Calling Card0.3¢
    China Calling Card1.0¢
    Indonesia Calling Card2.6¢
    Japan Calling Card1.8¢
    Korea South Calling Card1.0¢
    Pakistan Calling Card3.0¢
    Philippines Calling Card9.9¢
    Algeria Calling Card5.4¢
    Egypt Calling Card7.0¢
    Ghana Calling Card17.5¢
    Kenya Calling Card6.5¢
    Morocco Calling Card1.8¢
    South Africa Calling Card2.5¢
    Tanzania Calling Card12.5¢

    calling cards

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    Calling cards
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    calling cards

    Major Airports in Brazil

     Airport Code  Name  City
     /BB  Belo Horizonte, Brazil: (Belo Horizonte Mean)  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
     /RI  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Rio De Jan  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
     /SA  Sao Paulo, Brazil: /Sa Sao Paulo  Sao Paulo, Brazil
     AAI  Arraias, Brazil: Arraias Airport  Arraias, Brazil
     AAX  Araxa, Brazil: Araxa Airport  Araxa, Brazil
     AGX  Araguacema, Brazil: Araguacema Airport  Araguacema, Brazil
     AJU  Santa Maria, Brazil: Santa Maria Airport  Santa Maria, Brazil
     ALQ  Alegrete, Brazil: Alegrete Airport  Alegrete, Brazil
     ALT  Alenquer, Brazil: Alenquer Airport  Alenquer, Brazil
     AQM  Ariquemes, Brazil: Ariquemes North  Ariquemes, Brazil
     ARS  Aragarcas, Brazil: Aragarcas Airport  Aragarcas, Brazil
     ARU  Aracatuba, Brazil: Aracatuba  Aracatuba, Brazil
     ATM  Altamira, Brazil: Altamira Airport  Altamira, Brazil
     AUX  Araguaina, Brazil: Araguaina Airport  Araguaina, Brazil
     BAT  Barretos, Brazil: Barretos Airport  Barretos, Brazil
     BAU  Bauru, Brazil: Bauru Airport  Bauru, Brazil
     BEL  Belem, Brazil: Val De Caes  Belem, Brazil
     BGX  Bage, Brazil: Comandante Gustave Kraemer  Bage, Brazil
     BHZ  Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Pampulha  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
     BHZ  Metropolitan Area, Brazil: (Metropolitan Area)  Metropolitan Area, Brazil
     BPS  Porto Seguro, Brazil: Porto Seguro Airport  Porto Seguro, Brazil
     BRA  Barreiras, Brazil: Barreiras Airport  Barreiras, Brazil
     BSB  Brasilia, Brazil: Brasilia Airport  Brasilia, Brazil
     BSS  Balsas, Brazil: Balsas  Balsas, Brazil
     BVB  Boa Vista, Brazil: Boa Vista Airport  Boa Vista, Brazil
     BZY  Brasileia, Brazil: Brasileia Airport  Brasileia, Brazil
     CAC  Cascavel, Brazil: Cascavel Airport  Cascavel, Brazil
     CAC  Cascavel, Brazil: Cascavel Airport  Cascavel, Brazil
     CAF  Carauari, Brazil: Carauari Airport  Carauari, Brazil
     CAW  Campos, Brazil: Bartolomeu Lisandro  Campos, Brazil
     CCI  Concordia, Brazil: Concordia Airport  Concordia, Brazil
     CCM  Crisciuma, Brazil: Criciuma  Crisciuma, Brazil
     CCX  Caceres, Brazil: Caceres Airport  Caceres, Brazil
     CDJ  Conceicao Do Araguaia, Brazil: Conceicao Do Araguaia Airport  Conceicao Do Araguaia, Brazil
     CGB  Cuiaba, Brazil: Marechal Rondon  Cuiaba, Brazil
     CGH  Sao Paulo, Brazil: Congonhas  Sao Paulo, Brazil
     CGR  Campo Grande, Brazil: Campo Grande Air Base  Campo Grande, Brazil
     CKO  Cornelio Procopio, Brazil: Cornelio Procopio Airport  Cornelio Procopio, Brazil
     CLN  Carolina, Brazil: Carolina Airport  Carolina, Brazil
     CMG  Corumba, Brazil: Corumba Airport  Corumba, Brazil
     CMT  Cameta, Brazil: Cameta Airport  Cameta, Brazil
     CNF  Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Belo Horizonte Airport  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
     CNF  Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Confins  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
     CPQ  Campinas, Brazil: Viracopos  Campinas, Brazil
     CPQ  Campinas, Brazil: Vira Cop0s  Campinas, Brazil
     CPV  Campina Grande, Brazil: Campina Grande Airport  Campina Grande, Brazil
     CQQ  Crato, Brazil: Crato Airport  Crato, Brazil
     CRQ  Caravelas, Brazil: Caravelas Airport  Caravelas, Brazil
     CRV  Caravelas, Brazil: Caravelas Airport  Caravelas, Brazil
     CSS  Cassilandia, Brazil: Cassilandia Airport  Cassilandia, Brazil
     CTH  Crateus, Brazil: Crateus  Crateus, Brazil
     CWB  Curitiba, Brazil: Afonso Pena  Curitiba, Brazil
     CXJ  Caxias Do Sul, Brazil: Campo Dos Bugres  Caxias Do Sul, Brazil
     CZB  Cruz Alta, Brazil: Cruz Alta Airport  Cruz Alta, Brazil
     CZS  Cruzeiro Do Sul, Brazil: Cruzeiro Do Sul Airport  Cruzeiro Do Sul, Brazil
     DNO  Dianopolis, Brazil: Dianopolis Airport  Dianopolis, Brazil
     DOU  Dourados, Brazil: Dourados Airport  Dourados, Brazil
     ERM  Erechim, Brazil: Erechim Airport  Erechim, Brazil
     ERN  Eirunepe, Brazil: Eirunepe Airport  Eirunepe, Brazil
     FEN  Fernando De Noronha, Brazil: Fernando De Noronha Airport  Fernando De Noronha, Brazil
     FLB  Floriano, Brazil: Floriano Airport  Floriano, Brazil
     FLN  Florianopolis, Brazil: Hercilio Luz  Florianopolis, Brazil
     FOR  Fortaleza, Brazil: Pinto Martins  Fortaleza, Brazil
     FRC  Franca, Brazil: Franca Airport  Franca, Brazil
     GEL  Santo Angelo, Brazil: Santo Angelo Airport  Santo Angelo, Brazil
     GEL  Santo Angelo, Brazil: Santo Angelo Airport  Santo Angelo, Brazil
     GIG  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Rio De Janeiro-Galeao International  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
     GJM  Guajara-Mirim, Brazil: Guajara Mirim  Guajara-Mirim, Brazil
     GRP  Gurupi, Brazil: Gurupi Airport  Gurupi, Brazil
     GRU  Sao Paulo, Brazil: Guarulhos International  Sao Paulo, Brazil
     GRU  Grajau, Brazil: Grajau Airport  Grajau, Brazil
     GUZ  Guiratinga, Brazil: Guiratinga Airport  Guiratinga, Brazil
     GVR  Governador Valadares, Brazil: Governador Valadares Airport  Governador Valadares, Brazil
     GYN  Goiania, Brazil: Santa Genoveva  Goiania, Brazil
     IBU  Itambacuri, Brazil: Itambacuri Airport  Itambacuri, Brazil
     IDO  Santa Isabel Do Morro, Brazil: Santa Isabel Do Morro Airport  Santa Isabel Do Morro, Brazil
     IGU  Iguassu Falls, Brazil: Iguassu Falls  Iguassu Falls, Brazil
     IJU  Ijui, Brazil: Ijui Airport  Ijui, Brazil
     IMP  Imperatriz, Brazil: Imperatriz Airport  Imperatriz, Brazil
     IOS  Ilheus, Brazil: Ilheus Airport  Ilheus, Brazil
     IPN  Ipatinga, Brazil: Ipatinga Airport  Ipatinga, Brazil
     ITI  Itapetinga, Brazil: Itapetinga Airport  Itapetinga, Brazil
     ITJ  Itajai, Brazil: Navegantes  Itajai, Brazil
     ITN  Itabuna, Brazil: Itabuna Airport  Itabuna, Brazil
     ITQ  Itaqui, Brazil: Itaqui Airport  Itaqui, Brazil
     JDF  Juiz De Fora, Brazil: Juiz  Juiz De Fora, Brazil
     JDO  Juazeiro Do Norte, Brazil: Regional De Cariri  Juazeiro Do Norte, Brazil
     JOI  Joinville, Brazil: Joinville Airport  Joinville, Brazil
     JPA  Joao Pessoa, Brazil: Santa Rita  Joao Pessoa, Brazil
     JPR  Ji Parana, Brazil: Ji Parana Airport  Ji Parana, Brazil
     LAJ  Lages, Brazil: Lages Airport  Lages, Brazil
     LAZ  Bom Jesus Da Lapa, Brazil: Bom Jesus Da Lapa Airport  Bom Jesus Da Lapa, Brazil
     LAZ  Lapa, Brazil: Lapa  Lapa, Brazil
     LDB  Londrina, Brazil: Londrina Airport  Londrina, Brazil
     LVB  Livramento, Brazil: Livramento Airport  Livramento, Brazil
     MAB  Maraba, Brazil: Maraba Airport  Maraba, Brazil
     MAO  Manaus, Brazil: Eduardo Gomes International  Manaus, Brazil
     MAO  Manaus, Brazil: Manaus?eduardo  Manaus, Brazil
     MAO  Manaus, Brazil: Ponta Pelada  Manaus, Brazil
     MAQ  Sena Maduereira, Brazil: Sena Madureira  Sena Maduereira, Brazil
     MBK  Matupa, Brazil: Matupa Airport  Matupa, Brazil
     MBZ  Maues, Brazil: Maues Airport  Maues, Brazil
     MCP  Macapa, Brazil: Macapa Airport  Macapa, Brazil
     MCZ  Maceio, Brazil: Palmares  Maceio, Brazil
     MEA  Macae, Brazil: Macae Airport  Macae, Brazil
     MGF  Maringa, Brazil: Maringa Airport  Maringa, Brazil
     MII  Marilia, Brazil: Marilia Airport  Marilia, Brazil
     MNX  Manicore, Brazil: Manicore Airport  Manicore, Brazil
     MOC  Montes Claros, Brazil: Montes Claros Airport  Montes Claros, Brazil
     MSD  Mossoro, Brazil: Mossoro  Mossoro, Brazil
     MTE  Monte Alegre, Brazil: Monte Alegre Airport  Monte Alegre, Brazil
     MVF  Mossoro, Brazil: Dixsept Rosado  Mossoro, Brazil
     NAT  Natal, Brazil: Augusto Severo  Natal, Brazil
     NNU  Nanuque, Brazil: Nanuque Airport  Nanuque, Brazil
     NVT  Navegantes, Brazil: Navegantes Airport  Navegantes, Brazil
     OYK  Oiapoque, Brazil: Oiapoque Airport  Oiapoque, Brazil
     PAV  Paulo Alfonso, Brazil: Paulo Afonso  Paulo Alfonso, Brazil
     PET  Pelotas, Brazil: Pelotas Airport  Pelotas, Brazil
     PFB  Passo Fundo, Brazil: Passo Fundo Airport  Passo Fundo, Brazil
     PHB  Parnaiba, Brazil: Parnaiba Airport  Parnaiba, Brazil
     PHI  Pinheiro, Brazil: Pinheiro Airport  Pinheiro, Brazil
     PIN  Parintins, Brazil: Parintins Airport  Parintins, Brazil
     PLL  Ponta Pelada, Brazil: Ponta Pelada Airport  Ponta Pelada, Brazil
     PLU  Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Pampulha  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
     PMG  Ponta Pora, Brazil: Ponta Pora Airport  Ponta Pora, Brazil
     PMW  Palmas, Brazil: Palmas Airport  Palmas, Brazil
     PNB  Porto Nacional, Brazil: Porto Nacional Airport  Porto Nacional, Brazil
     PNG  Paranagua, Brazil: Paranagua Airport  Paranagua, Brazil
     PNZ  Petrolina, Brazil: Petrolina Airport  Petrolina, Brazil
     POA  Porto Alegre, Brazil: Salgado Filho  Porto Alegre, Brazil
     PPB  Pres. Prudente, Brazil: A. De Barros  Pres. Prudente, Brazil
     PRL  Portel, Brazil: Portel  Portel, Brazil
     PVH  Porto Velho, Brazil: Porto Velho Airport  Porto Velho, Brazil
     QAH  Alcantara, Brazil: Alcantara Airport  Alcantara, Brazil
     QDC  Dracena, Brazil: Dracena Airport  Dracena, Brazil
     QNE  Rio Negrinho, Brazil: Rio Negrinho Airport  Rio Negrinho, Brazil
     RAO  Ribeirao Preto, Brazil: Ribeiro Preto  Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
     RBR  Rio Branco, Brazil: Rio Branco  Rio Branco, Brazil
     RDC  Redencao, Brazil: Redencao Airport  Redencao, Brazil
     REC  Recife, Brazil: Guararapes  Recife, Brazil
     RIA  Santa Maria, Brazil: Santa Maria Airport  Santa Maria, Brazil
     RIG  Rio Grande, Brazil: Rio Grande Airport  Rio Grande, Brazil
     RIO  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Metropolitan Area  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
     RIO  Metropolitan Area, Brazil: Metropolit  Metropolitan Area, Brazil
     ROO  Rondonopolis, Brazil: Rondonopolis Airport  Rondonopolis, Brazil
     SAO  Sao Paulo, Brazil: Sao Paulo Airport  Sao Paulo, Brazil
     SDG  Sao Domingos, Brazil: Sao Domingos Airport  Sao Domingos, Brazil
     SDU  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Santos Dumont  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
     SJK  Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil: Sao Jose Dos Campos Airport  Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil
     SJK  Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil: Sao Jose  Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil
     SJP  Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Brazil: Sao Jose Do Rio Preto Airport  Sao Jose Do Rio Preto, Brazil
     SLZ  Sao Luiz, Brazil: Tirirical  Sao Luiz, Brazil
     SRA  Santa Rosa, Brazil: Santa Rosa Airport  Santa Rosa, Brazil
     SSA  Salvador, Brazil: Dois De Julho  Salvador, Brazil
     STM  Santarem, Brazil: Eduardo Gomes  Santarem, Brazil
     STZ  Santa Terezinha, Brazil: Santa Terezinha  Santa Terezinha, Brazil
     TBT  Tabatinga, Brazil: Tabatinga Airport  Tabatinga, Brazil
     TFF  Tefe, Brazil: Tefe Airport  Tefe, Brazil
     THE  Teresina, Brazil: Teresina Airport  Teresina, Brazil
     TIC  Turiacu, Brazil: Turiacu Airport  Turiacu, Brazil
     TMT  Trombetas, Brazil: Trombetas Airport  Trombetas, Brazil
     TUR  Tucurui, Brazil: Tucurui Airport  Tucurui, Brazil
     UBA  Uberaba, Brazil: Uberaba Airport  Uberaba, Brazil
     UDI  Uberlandia, Brazil: Uberlandia Airport  Uberlandia, Brazil
     UMU  Umuarama, Brazil: Umuarama Airport  Umuarama, Brazil
     URB  Urubupunga, Brazil: Urubupunga Airport  Urubupunga, Brazil
     URG  Uruguaiana, Brazil: Rubem Berta  Uruguaiana, Brazil
     VCP  Sao Paulo, Brazil: Viracopos  Sao Paulo, Brazil
     VDC  Vitoria Da Conquista, Brazil: Vitoria Da Conquista Airport  Vitoria Da Conquista, Brazil
     VIX  Vitoria, Brazil: Goiabeiras  Vitoria, Brazil
     WXR  Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil: Sao - Jose D Campos  Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil
     XAP  Chapeco, Brazil: Chapeco Airport  Chapeco, Brazil
     ZMD  Sena Madureira, Brazil: Sena Madureira Airport  Sena Madureira, Brazil
    Shopping in our store is 100% safe! It is our #1 priority to make sure you can shop safely in our store. When you place an order, StartDialing protects your credit card number and personal information by encrypting it. Encryption scrambles your credit card number and personal information. It stays scrambled while traveling over the Net and remains scrambled even while it arrives to StartDialing' machines. Your credit card number is not kept or recorded by StartDialing or our computers - it is simply passed through to the credit card company to finalize the purchase For secure commerce transactions, uses secure server software (SSL), the industry standard and among the best software available today.
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