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    Our Best International Rates

    North America
    Canada Calling Card0.5¢
    Mexico Calling Card0.5¢
    USA Calling Card0.8¢
    South America
    Argentina Calling Card1.1¢
    Bolivia Calling Card5.9¢
    Brazil Calling Card1.2¢
    Chile Calling Card1.2¢
    Colombia Calling Card2.5¢
    Peru - Lima Calling Card0.8¢
    Austria Calling Card4.0¢
    France Calling Card0.4¢
    Germany Calling Card0.9¢
    Italy Calling Card0.7¢
    Netherlands Calling Card1.1¢
    Poland Calling Card0.9¢
    Spain Calling Card0.7¢
    Turkey Calling Card1.8¢
    UK Calling Card0.3¢
    China Calling Card0.9¢
    Indonesia Calling Card2.6¢
    Japan Calling Card1.8¢
    Korea South Calling Card1.0¢
    Pakistan Calling Card3.0¢
    Philippines Calling Card9.9¢
    Algeria Calling Card5.4¢
    Egypt Calling Card7.0¢
    Ghana Calling Card17.5¢
    Kenya Calling Card6.5¢
    Morocco Calling Card1.8¢
    South Africa Calling Card2.5¢
    Tanzania Calling Card12.5¢

    calling cards

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    Calling cards
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    calling cards

    Major Airports in Mexico

     Airport Code  Name  City
     /MW  Monterrey, Mexico: (Monterrey, Mx Mean)  Monterrey, Mexico
     ACA  Acapulco, Mexico: Gen Juan N Alverez International  Acapulco, Mexico
     AGU  Aguascalientes, Mexico: Aguascalientes Airport  Aguascalientes, Mexico
     AGU  Aguascalientes, Mexico: Aguascalientes Airport  Aguascalientes, Mexico
     AZG  Apatzingan, Mexico: Apatzingan New  Apatzingan, Mexico
     BHL  Bahia De Los Angeles, Mexico: Bahia De Los Angeles  Bahia De Los Angeles, Mexico
     BJX  Leon-Guanajuato, Mexico: Del Bajio  Leon-Guanajuato, Mexico
     CEN  Ciudad Obregon, Mexico: Ciudad Obregon Airport  Ciudad Obregon, Mexico
     CJS  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: Ciudad Juarez International  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
     CKO  Can Cun, Mexico: Can Cun  Can Cun, Mexico
     CLQ  Colima, Mexico: Colima  Colima, Mexico
     CME  Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico: Ciudad Del Carmen Airport  Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico
     CPE  Campeche, Mexico: Campeche Airport  Campeche, Mexico
     CTM  Chetumal, Mexico: Chetumal 1  Chetumal, Mexico
     CUL  Culiacan, Mexico: Culiacan New  Culiacan, Mexico
     CUN  Can Cun, Mexico: Can Cun International  Can Cun, Mexico
     CUU  Chihuahua, Mexico: Mex International  Chihuahua, Mexico
     CVJ  Cuernavaca, Mexico: Cuernavaca Airport  Cuernavaca, Mexico
     CVM  Ciudad Victoria, Mexico: Ciudad Victoria Airport  Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
     CZA  Chichen Itza, Mexico: Chichen Itza Airport  Chichen Itza, Mexico
     CZM  Cozumel, Mexico: Cozumel Airport  Cozumel, Mexico
     DGO  Durango, Mexico: Countylo Durango La Plata County  Durango, Mexico
     ESE  Ensenada, Mexico: Ensenada Airport  Ensenada, Mexico
     GDL  Guadalajara, Mexico: Don Miguel Hidalgo International  Guadalajara, Mexico
     GUB  Guerrero Negro, Mexico: Guerrero Negro Mex  Guerrero Negro, Mexico
     GYM  Guaymas, Mexico: Guaymas Airport  Guaymas, Mexico
     HMO  Hermosillo, Mexico: La Manga International  Hermosillo, Mexico
     HUX  Santa Cruz Huatulco, Mexico: Baja De Huatulco  Santa Cruz Huatulco, Mexico
     ISJ  Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Isla Mujeres Airport  Isla Mujeres, Mexico
     IZT  Ixtepec, Mexico: Ixtepec  Ixtepec, Mexico
     JAL  Jalapa, Mexico: El Lencero  Jalapa, Mexico
     LAP  La Paz, Mexico: La Paz Airport  La Paz, Mexico
     LEN  Leon, Mexico: San Carlos  Leon, Mexico
     LMM  Los Mochis, Mexico: Los Mochis Airport  Los Mochis, Mexico
     LMM  Los Mochis, Mexico: Los Mochis Airport  Los Mochis, Mexico
     LOV  Monclova, Mexico: Monclova Airport  Monclova, Mexico
     LTO  Loreto, Mexico: Loreto Airport  Loreto, Mexico
     LZC  Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico: Lazaro Cardenas Airport  Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico
     MAM  Matamoros, Mexico: Matamoros International  Matamoros, Mexico
     MEX  Mexico City, Mexico: Lic Benito Juarez International  Mexico City, Mexico
     MID  Merida, Mexico: Manuel Crecencio Rejon International  Merida, Mexico
     MLM  Morelia, Mexico: Morelia New  Morelia, Mexico
     MMC  Ciudad Mante, Mexico: Ciudad Del Mante  Ciudad Mante, Mexico
     MOX  Oaxaca, Mexico: Oacaca  Oaxaca, Mexico
     MTT  Minatitlan, Mexico: Minatitlan Airport  Minatitlan, Mexico
     MTY  Monterrey, Mexico: Gen Mariano Escobedo  Monterrey, Mexico
     MTY  Monterrey, Mexico: Gen Mariano Escobedo International  Monterrey, Mexico
     MUG  Mulege, Mexico: Mulege  Mulege, Mexico
     MXL  Mexicali, Mexico: Mexicali Southwest  Mexicali, Mexico
     MZT  Mazatlan, Mexico: General Rafael Buelna International  Mazatlan, Mexico
     NLD  Nuevo Laredo, Mexico: Nuevo Laredo International  Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
     NOG  Nogales, Mexico: Nogales Airport  Nogales, Mexico
     NTR  Monterrey, Mexico: Aeropuerto Del Norte International  Monterrey, Mexico
     OAX  Oaxaca, Mexico: Xoxocotlan  Oaxaca, Mexico
     PAZ  Poza Rica, Mexico: Tajin  Poza Rica, Mexico
     PBC  Puebla, Mexico: Puebla Airport  Puebla, Mexico
     PDS  Piedras Negras, Mexico: Piedras Negras International  Piedras Negras, Mexico
     PNO  Pinotepa, Mexico: Pinotepa Nacional  Pinotepa, Mexico
     PQM  Palenque, Mexico: Palenque Airport  Palenque, Mexico
     PVR  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Lic Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
     PXM  Puerto Escondido, Mexico: Puerto Escondido Airport  Puerto Escondido, Mexico
     QRM  Carmen, Mexico: Carmen Airport  Carmen, Mexico
     QRO  Queretaro, Mexico: Queretaro Airport  Queretaro, Mexico
     REX  Reynosa, Mexico: Reynosa International  Reynosa, Mexico
     SCX  Salina Cruz, Mexico: Salina Cruz Airport  Salina Cruz, Mexico
     SFH  San Felipe, Mexico: San Felipe Airport  San Felipe, Mexico
     SGM  San Ignacio, Mexico: San Ignacio Airport  San Ignacio, Mexico
     SJD  San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico: Los Cabos International  San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico
     SLP  San Luis Potosi, Mexico: San Luis Potosi Airport  San Luis Potosi, Mexico
     SLW  Saltillo, Mexico: Saltillo Airport  Saltillo, Mexico
     SLW  Saltillo, Mexico: Saltillo New  Saltillo, Mexico
     SNQ  San Quintin, Mexico: San Quintin Southeast  San Quintin, Mexico
     SRL  Santa Rosalia, Mexico: San Lucas  Santa Rosalia, Mexico
     SZT  San Cristobal, Mexico: San Cristobal De Las Casas  San Cristobal, Mexico
     TAM  Tampico, Mexico: Madero  Tampico, Mexico
     TAP  Tapachula, Mexico: Tapachula East  Tapachula, Mexico
     TCN  Tehuacan, Mexico: Tehuacan Airport  Tehuacan, Mexico
     TGZ  Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico: Francisco Sarabia  Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico
     TIJ  Tijuana, Mexico: Tijuana International  Tijuana, Mexico
     TLC  Toluca, Mexico: Toluca Airport  Toluca, Mexico
     TPQ  Tepic, Mexico: Tepic Airport  Tepic, Mexico
     TRC  Torreon, Mexico: Torreon Airport  Torreon, Mexico
     TTP  Tututepec, Mexico: Tututepec Airport  Tututepec, Mexico
     UPN  Uruapan, Mexico: Uruapan Airport  Uruapan, Mexico
     VAE  Valles, Mexico: Ciudad Valles  Valles, Mexico
     VER  Veracruz, Mexico: Gen Heriberto Jara International  Veracruz, Mexico
     VIB  Villa Constitucion, Mexico: Villa Constitucion Airport  Villa Constitucion, Mexico
     VIB  Villa Constitucion, Mexico: Villa Constitucion Airport  Villa Constitucion, Mexico
     VSA  Villahermosa, Mexico: Tabasquena De Aviacion  Villahermosa, Mexico
     WFV  Mulege, Mexico: Mulege Airport  Mulege, Mexico
     WGG  Bahia Tortuga, Mexico: Bahia Tortuga Airport  Bahia Tortuga, Mexico
     XAL  Alamos, Mexico: Alamos  Alamos, Mexico
     ZCL  Zacatecas, Mexico: Zacatecas Airport  Zacatecas, Mexico
     ZIH  Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Internacional  Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico
     ZIH  Zihuatanejo, Mexico: Zihuatanejo Airport  Zihuatanejo, Mexico
     ZLO  Manzanillo, Mexico: Manzanillo Airport  Manzanillo, Mexico
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