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    Home » Dialing Codes » Angola

    Angola Dialing Code

    DIAL FROM USA: 0-11- 244 - Angola City Codes

    Angola Calling Card

    Angola Background

    Angola Timezone Information

     Time Zone

    Time Now

      Angola    01:26 PM

    Angola Calling Card

    Major Airports in Angola

     Airport Code  Name  City
     ARZ  N'zeto, Angola: Nzeto North  N'zeto, Angola
     BUG  Benguela, Angola: Benguela Airport  Benguela, Angola
     CAB  Cabinda, Angola: Cabinda Airport  Cabinda, Angola
     CEO  Waco Kungo, Angola: Waco Kungo Airport  Waco Kungo, Angola
     DBA  Damba, Angola: Damba Airport  Damba, Angola
     DUE  Dundo, Angola: Dundo Airport  Dundo, Angola
     JMB  Jamba, Angola: Jamba Airport  Jamba, Angola
     JZD  Ganda, Angola: Ganda Airport  Ganda, Angola
     LAD  Luanda, Angola: Luanda Airport  Luanda, Angola
     MSZ  Namibe, Angola: Namibe Airport  Namibe, Angola
     MSZ  Mossamedes, Angola: Mocamedes  Mossamedes, Angola
     NOV  Huambo, Angola: Huambo Airport  Huambo, Angola
     NOV  Nova Lisboa, Angola: Nova Lisboa Airport  Nova Lisboa, Angola
     PBN  Porto Amboim, Angola: Porto Amboim Airport  Porto Amboim, Angola
     PGI  Chitato, Angola: Chitato Airport  Chitato, Angola
     PGI  Portugalia, Angola: Portugalia Airport  Portugalia, Angola
     QFU  Cafunfo, Angola: Cafunfo Airport  Cafunfo, Angola
     QMO  Mocamedes, Angola: Mocamedes Airport  Mocamedes, Angola
     SDD  Lubango, Angola: Sa Da Bandeira  Lubango, Angola
     SPP  Menongue, Angola: Menongue East  Menongue, Angola
     SSY  Sao Salvador, Angola: Sao Salvador Airport  Sao Salvador, Angola
     SSY  Mbanza Congo, Angola: Mbanza Congo Airport  Mbanza Congo, Angola
     SVP  Bie, Angola: Silva Port  Bie, Angola
     SVP  Kuito, Angola: Kuito Airport  Kuito, Angola
     SVP  Silva Porto, Angola: Silva Porto Airport  Silva Porto, Angola
     SZA  Soyo, Angola: Soyo Airport  Soyo, Angola
     VPE  Pereira D, Angola: Pereira D Eca  Pereira D, Angola
     VPE  Ongiva, Angola: Ongiva Airport  Ongiva, Angola

    Angola News


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