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    Home » Dialing Codes » Germany

    Germany Dialing Code

    DIAL FROM USA: 0-11- 49 - Germany City Codes

    Germany Calling Card

    Germany Background

    Germany Timezone Information

     Time Zone

    Time Now

      Germany    01:26 PM

    Germany Calling Card

    Major Airports in Germany

     Airport Code  Name  City
     /BE  Berlin, Berlin: /Be Berlin  Berlin, Berlin
     /BE  Berlin, Germany: (Berlin Mean)  Berlin, Germany
     AGB  Augsburg, Germany: Augsburg Airport  Augsburg, Germany
     BAT  Barth, East Germany: Barth Airport  Barth, East Germany
     BER  Berlin, Germany: (Metropolitan Area)  Berlin, Germany
     BGN  Brueggen, Germany: Bruggen  Brueggen, Germany
     BRE  Bremen, Germany: Bremen Airport  Bremen, Germany
     BRV  Bremerhaven, Germany: Bremerhaven/Am Luneort  Bremerhaven, Germany
     BYU  Bayreuth, Germany: Bayreuth Airport  Bayreuth, Germany
     CGN  Cologne/Dussldorf/Bonn, Germany: Wahn  Cologne/Dussldorf/Bonn, Germany
     DE1  Zweibrucken, Germany: Zweibrucken  Zweibrucken, Germany
     DRS  Dresden, Germany: Dresden Airport  Dresden, Germany
     DTM  Dortmund, Germany: Dortmund  Dortmund, Germany
     DUS  Dusseldorf, Germany: Dusseldorf Airport  Dusseldorf, Germany
     EIB  Eisenach, Germany: Eisenach Airport  Eisenach, Germany
     ERF  Erfurt, Germany: Erfurt Airport  Erfurt, Germany
     ESS  Essen, Germany: Essen/Mulheim  Essen, Germany
     FKB  Karlsruhe/Baden Baden, Germany: Baden Baden  Karlsruhe/Baden Baden, Germany
     FLF  Flensburg, Germany: Flensburg/Schaferhaus  Flensburg, Germany
     FMO  Muenster, Germany: Munster/Osnabruck  Muenster, Germany
     FRA  Frankfurt, Germany: Frankfurt International  Frankfurt, Germany
     FRF  Frankfurt, Germany: Rhein-Main Air Force Base  Frankfurt, Germany
     GUT  Gutersloh, Germany: Gutersloh Airport  Gutersloh, Germany
     GWT  Westerland, Germany: Westerland/Sylt  Westerland, Germany
     HAJ  Hannover, Germany: Hannover Airport  Hannover, Germany
     HAM  Hamburg, Germany: Hamburg Airport  Hamburg, Germany
     HDF  Heringsdorf, Germany: Heringsdorf Airport  Heringsdorf, Germany
     HEI  Heide/Buesum, Germany: Heide-Buesum  Heide/Buesum, Germany
     HGL  Helgoland, Germany: Wittmundhafen  Helgoland, Germany
     HHN  Hahn, Germany: Hahn Airport  Hahn, Germany
     HOQ  Hof, Germany: Hof/Pirk  Hof, Germany
     KEL  Kiel, Germany: Kiel/Holtenau  Kiel, Germany
     KSF  Kassel, Germany: Kassel-Calden  Kassel, Germany
     LBC  Luebeck, Germany: Lubeck Blankensee  Luebeck, Germany
     LEJ  Leipzig, Germany: Leipzig Airport  Leipzig, Germany
     LHA  Lahr, Germany: Lahr Airport  Lahr, Germany
     LRC  Laarbruch, Germany: Laarbruch Airport  Laarbruch, Germany
     MGL  Dusseldorf, Germany: Moenchen-Gladbach  Dusseldorf, Germany
     MHG  Mannheim, Germany: Mannheim Neuostheim  Mannheim, Germany
     MSR  Munster, Germany: Munster/Osnabruck  Munster, Germany
     MSR  Muenster, Germany: Munster/Osnabruck  Muenster, Germany
     MUC  Munich, Germany: Munchen  Munich, Germany
     NUE  Nuremberg, Germany: Nurnberg  Nuremberg, Germany
     OBF  Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany: Oberpfaffenhofen Airport  Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
     OHR  Wyk Auf Fohr, Germany: Wyk Auf Fohr Airport  Wyk Auf Fohr, Germany
     OHR  Wyk, Germany: Wyk Auf Fohr  Wyk, Germany
     PAD  Paderborn, Germany: Paderborn/Lippstadt  Paderborn, Germany
     RLG  Rostock-Laage, Germany: Rostock-Laage Airport  Rostock-Laage, Germany
     RMS  Ramstein, Germany: Ramstein Ab  Ramstein, Germany
     RMS  Ramstein, Germany: Ramstein Ab  Ramstein, Germany
     SCN  Saarbrucken, Germany: Saarbrucken Ensheim  Saarbrucken, Germany
     SPM  Spangdalem, Germany: Spangdalem Airport  Spangdalem, Germany
     STR  Stuttgart, Germany: Stuttgart Airport  Stuttgart, Germany
     SXF  Berlin, Germany: Schoenefeld  Berlin, Germany
     SXF  Berlin, Berlin: Schoenfeld  Berlin, Berlin
     THF  Berlin, Germany: Tempelhof  Berlin, Germany
     THF  Berlin, Berlin: Tempelhof  Berlin, Berlin
     TXL  Berlin, Germany: Tegel  Berlin, Germany
     TXL  Berlin, Berlin: Tegel  Berlin, Berlin
     UXB  Fassberg, Germany: Fassberg Airport  Fassberg, Germany
     VWY  Landsberg, Germany: Landsberg/Lech  Landsberg, Germany
     WID  Wildenrath, Germany: Wildenrath Airport  Wildenrath, Germany
     XLW  Lemwerder, Germany: Lemwerder Airport  Lemwerder, Germany
     ZNQ  Ingolstadt, Germany: Ingolstadt Airport  Ingolstadt, Germany

    Germany News


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