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    Home » Dialing Codes » India

    India Dialing Code

    DIAL FROM USA: 0-11- 91 - India City Codes

    India Calling Card

    India Background

    India Timezone Information

     Time Zone

    Time Now

      India    03:12 PM

    India Calling Card

    Major Airports in India

     Airport Code  Name  City
     AGR  Agra, India: Agra Airport  Agra, India
     AGX  Agatti Island, India: Agatti Island Airport  Agatti Island, India
     AID  Anderson, IN: Anderson Municipal  Anderson, IN
     AMD  Ahmedabad, India: Ahmedabad Airport  Ahmedabad, India
     ATQ  Amritsar, India: Amritsar Airport  Amritsar, India
     BBI  Bhubaneswar, India: Bhubaneswar Airport  Bhubaneswar, India
     BDQ  Vadodara, India: Vadodara(Baroda)  Vadodara, India
     BDQ  Baroda, India: Baroda Airport  Baroda, India
     BFR  Bedford, IN: Virgil I Grissom Municipal  Bedford, IN
     BHJ  Bhuj, India: Bhuj Airport  Bhuj, India
     BHO  Bhopal, India: Bhopal Airport  Bhopal, India
     BHU  Bhavnagar, India: Bhaunagar  Bhavnagar, India
     BLR  Bangalore, India: Bangalore Airport  Bangalore, India
     BMG  Bloomington, IN: Monroe County  Bloomington, IN
     BOM  Bombay, India: Bombay Airport  Bombay, India
     CCJ  Calicut, India: Calicut Airport  Calicut, India
     CCU  Calcutta, India: Calcutta Airport  Calcutta, India
     CEV  Connersville, IN: Mettel Field  Connersville, IN
     CJB  Coimbatore, India: Coimbatore Airport  Coimbatore, India
     CLU  Columbus, IN: Columbus Municipal  Columbus, IN
     COH  Cooch Behar, India: Cooch Behar Airport  Cooch Behar, India
     COK  Cochin, India: Cochin Airport  Cochin, India
     DAI  Darjeeling, India: Darjeeling Airport  Darjeeling, India
     DBL  Dabolim, India: Goa  Dabolim, India
     DEL  Delhi, India: Delhi Airport  Delhi, India
     DIB  Dibrugarh, India: Dibrugarh (Mohanbari)  Dibrugarh, India
     DMU  Dimapur, India: Manipur Road  Dimapur, India
     EKI  Elkhart, IN: Elkhart Municipal  Elkhart, IN
     EKI  Elkhart Indiana, IN: Elkhart Municipal  Elkhart Indiana, IN
     EVV  Evansville, IN: Evansville Dress Regional  Evansville, IN
     FWA  Fort Wayne, IN: Fort Wayne Muni/Baer Field  Fort Wayne, IN
     GAU  Gauhati, India: Gauhati Airport  Gauhati, India
     GAY  Gaya, India: Gaya Airport  Gaya, India
     GOI  Goa, India: Goa/Dabolim  Goa, India
     GOP  Gorakhpur, India: Gorakhpur Airport  Gorakhpur, India
     GSH  Goshen, IN: Goshen Municipal  Goshen, IN
     GUS  Peru, IN: Grissom Air Force Base  Peru, IN
     GWL  Gwalior, India: Gwalior Airport  Gwalior, India
     GYY  Gary, IN: Gary Regional  Gary, IN
     HJR  Khajuraho, India: Khajuraho Airport  Khajuraho, India
     HUF  Terre Haute, IN: Hulman Field  Terre Haute, IN
     HYD  Hyderabad, India: Hakimpet  Hyderabad, India
     IDR  Indore, India: Indore Airport  Indore, India
     IMF  Imphal, India: Imphal Airport  Imphal, India
     IND  Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Muni/Weir Cook  Indianapolis, IN
     IND  Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis International  Indianapolis, IN
     IXA  Agartala, India: Agartala Airport  Agartala, India
     IXB  Bagdogra, India: Bagdogra Airport  Bagdogra, India
     IXC  Chandigarh, India: Chandigarh Airport  Chandigarh, India
     IXD  Allahabad, India: Allahabad Airport  Allahabad, India
     IXE  Mangalore, India: Mangalore/Bajpe  Mangalore, India
     IXG  Belgaum, India: Belgaum Airport  Belgaum, India
     IXH  Kailashahar, India: Kailashahar Airport  Kailashahar, India
     IXI  Lilabari, India: North Lakhimpur/Lilabari  Lilabari, India
     IXJ  Jammu, India: Jammu Airport  Jammu, India
     IXK  Keshod, India: Keshod Airport  Keshod, India
     IXL  Leh, India: Leh India  Leh, India
     IXM  Madurai, India: Madurai Airport  Madurai, India
     IXN  Khowai, India: Khowai Airport  Khowai, India
     IXQ  Kamalpur, India: Kamalpur Airport  Kamalpur, India
     IXR  Ranchi, India: Ranchi Airport  Ranchi, India
     IXS  Silchar, India: Silchar Airport  Silchar, India
     IXU  Aurangabad, India: Aurangabad Airport  Aurangabad, India
     IXW  Jamshedpur, India: Jamshedpur Airport  Jamshedpur, India
     IXY  Kandla, India: Kandla Airport  Kandla, India
     IXZ  Port Blair, India: Port Blair Airport  Port Blair, India
     JAI  Jaipur, India: Jaipur Airport  Jaipur, India
     JDH  Jodhpur, India: Jodhpur Airport  Jodhpur, India
     JGA  Jamnagar, India: Jamnagar Airport  Jamnagar, India
     JLR  Jabalpur, India: Jabalpur Airport  Jabalpur, India
     JRH  Jorhat, India: Jorhat Airport  Jorhat, India
     KNU  Kanpur, India: Kanpur/Chakeri  Kanpur, India
     LAF  Lafayette, IN: Purdue University  Lafayette, IN
     LKO  Lucknow, India: Lucknow Airport  Lucknow, India
     LPO  La Porte, IN: La Porte Municipal  La Porte, IN
     MAA  Madras, India: Madras Airport  Madras, India
     MGC  Michigan City, IN: Michigan City Airport  Michigan City, IN
     MIE  Muncie/Anderson/Newcastle, IN: Delaware Co/Johnson Field  Muncie/Anderson/Newcastle, IN
     MOH  Mohanbari, India: Mohanbari Airport  Mohanbari, India
     MZZ  Marion, IN: Marion Municipal  Marion, IN
     NAG  Nagpur, India: Nagpur Airport  Nagpur, India
     NDC  Nanded, India: Nanded Airport  Nanded, India
     OKK  Kokomo/Logansport/Peru, IN: Kokomo Municipal  Kokomo/Logansport/Peru, IN
     PAT  Patna, India: Patna Airport  Patna, India
     PBD  Porbandar, India: Porbandar Airport  Porbandar, India
     PGH  Pantnagar, India: Pantnagar Airport  Pantnagar, India
     PLY  Plymouth, IN: Plymouth  Plymouth, IN
     PNQ  Pune, India: Pune  Pune, India
     PNQ  Puna, India: Lohegaon  Puna, India
     PNQ  Poona, India: Pune  Poona, India
     PUT  Puttaparthi, India: Puttaprathe  Puttaparthi, India
     RAJ  Rajkot, India: Rajkot Airport  Rajkot, India
     RID  Richmond, IN: Richmond Municipal  Richmond, IN
     RPR  Raipur, India: Raipur Airport  Raipur, India
     RQL  Lowell, IN: Lowell Airport  Lowell, IN
     RRK  Rourkela, India: Rourkela Airport  Rourkela, India
     SBN  South Bend, IN: Michiana Regional  South Bend, IN
     SBN  South Bend, IN: St Joseph County  South Bend, IN
     SER  Seymour, IN: Freeman Municipal  Seymour, IN
     SHL  Shillong, India: Shillong Airport  Shillong, India
     SLV  Simla, India: Simla Airport  Simla, India
     SXR  Srinagar, India: Srinagar Airport  Srinagar, India
     TEZ  Tezpur, India: Tezpur Airport  Tezpur, India
     TIR  Tirupati, India: Tirupathi  Tirupati, India
     TRV  Trivandrum, India: Trivandrum Airport  Trivandrum, India
     TRZ  Trichinopoly, India: Tiruchchirappalli  Trichinopoly, India
     UDR  Udaipur, India: Udaipur Airport  Udaipur, India
     VGA  Vijayawada, India: Vijayawada Airport  Vijayawada, India
     VNS  Varanasi, India: Varanasi Airport  Varanasi, India
     VPZ  Valparaiso, IN: Porter County Municipal  Valparaiso, IN
     VTZ  Visakhapatnam, India: Vishakhapatnam  Visakhapatnam, India
     WAR  Warsaw, IN: Warsaw Municipal  Warsaw, IN
     WMS  La Porte, IN: La Porte Airport  La Porte, IN
     WVZ  Darjeeling, India: Baghdogra  Darjeeling, India
     ZXV  Nappanee, IN: Nappanee Municipal  Nappanee, IN

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