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    Home » Dialing Codes » Japan

    Japan Dialing Code

    DIAL FROM USA: 0-11- 81 - Japan City Codes

    Japan Calling Card

    Japan Background

    Japan Timezone Information

     Time Zone

    Time Now

      Japan    01:28 AM

    Japan Calling Card

    Major Airports in Japan

     Airport Code  Name  City
     /OJ  Osaka, Japan: (Osaka Mean)  Osaka, Japan
     /OK  Okinawa, Japan: /Ok Okinawa  Okinawa, Japan
     /SP  Sapporo, Japan: Sakuramori  Sapporo, Japan
     /TO  Tokyo, Japan: /To Tokyo  Tokyo, Japan
     AKJ  Asahikawa, Japan: Asahikawa Airport  Asahikawa, Japan
     AKJ  Asahigawa, Japan: Asahikawa  Asahigawa, Japan
     AOJ  Aomori, Japan: Aomori Airport  Aomori, Japan
     ASJ  Amami O Shima, Japan: Amami  Amami O Shima, Japan
     AXT  Akita, Japan: Akita Airport  Akita, Japan
     CTS  Sapporo, Japan: Chitose Ab  Sapporo, Japan
     DNA  Okinawa, Japan: Kadena Ab  Okinawa, Japan
     FKJ  Fukui, Japan: Fukui Airport  Fukui, Japan
     FKS  Fukushima, Japan: Fukushima Airport  Fukushima, Japan
     FUJ  Fukue, Japan: Fukue Airport  Fukue, Japan
     FUK  Fukuoka, Japan: Fukuoka Airport  Fukuoka, Japan
     GAJ  Yamagata, Japan: Yamagata  Yamagata, Japan
     HHE  Hachinohe, Japan: Hachinohe Ab  Hachinohe, Japan
     HIJ  Hiroshima, Japan: Hiroshima Airport  Hiroshima, Japan
     HKD  Hakodate, Japan: Hakodate Airport  Hakodate, Japan
     HNA  Hanamaki, Japan: Hanamaki Airport  Hanamaki, Japan
     HNA  Morioka, Japan: Hanamaki  Morioka, Japan
     HND  Tokyo, Japan: Haneda  Tokyo, Japan
     IKI  Iki, Japan: Iki Airport  Iki, Japan
     ISG  Ishigaki, Japan: Ishigaki Airport  Ishigaki, Japan
     ITM  Osaka, Japan: Itami International  Osaka, Japan
     IWO  Iwo Jima, Japan: Iwo Jima Airport  Iwo Jima, Japan
     IZO  Izumo, Japan: Izumo Airport  Izumo, Japan
     KCZ  Kochi, Japan: Kochi Airport  Kochi, Japan
     KIJ  Niigata, Japan: Niigata Airport  Niigata, Japan
     KIX  Osaka, Japan: Kansai International  Osaka, Japan
     KKJ  Kita Kyushu, Japan: Kita Kyushu Airport  Kita Kyushu, Japan
     KMI  Miyazaki, Japan: Miyazaki Airport  Miyazaki, Japan
     KMJ  Kumamoto, Japan: Kuroishibaru  Kumamoto, Japan
     KMQ  Komatsu, Japan: Komatsu Airport  Komatsu, Japan
     KOJ  Kagoshima, Japan: Kagoshima Airport  Kagoshima, Japan
     KUH  Kushiro, Japan: Kushiro Airport  Kushiro, Japan
     KUM  Yaku Shima, Japan: Yakush  Yaku Shima, Japan
     MMB  Memanbetsu, Japan: Memanbetsu Airport  Memanbetsu, Japan
     MMD  Minami Daito, Japan: Minami Daito Airport  Minami Daito, Japan
     MMY  Miyako Jima, Japan: Hirara  Miyako Jima, Japan
     MMY  Miyako, Japan: Miyako  Miyako, Japan
     MSJ  Misawa, Japan: Misawa Ab  Misawa, Japan
     MYE  Miyake Jima, Japan: Miyake Jima Airport  Miyake Jima, Japan
     MYJ  Matsuyama, Japan: Matsuyama Airport  Matsuyama, Japan
     NGO  Nagoya, Japan: Nagoya Airport  Nagoya, Japan
     NGS  Nagasaki, Japan: Nagasaki Airport  Nagasaki, Japan
     NJA  Atsugi, Japan: Atsugi Airport  Atsugi, Japan
     NRT  Tokyo, Japan: Narita  Tokyo, Japan
     OBO  Obihiro, Japan: Obihiro Airport  Obihiro, Japan
     OGN  Yonaguni, Japan: Yonaguni Airport  Yonaguni, Japan
     OGN  Yonaguni-Jima, Japan: Yonaguni-Jima Airport  Yonaguni-Jima, Japan
     OIM  Oshima Islands, Japan: Oshima  Oshima Islands, Japan
     OIT  Oita, Japan: Oita Old  Oita, Japan
     OKD  Sapporo, Japan: Okadama  Sapporo, Japan
     OKJ  Okayama, Japan: Okayama Airport  Okayama, Japan
     OKO  Tokyo, Japan: Yokota Ab  Tokyo, Japan
     OMJ  Omura/Nagasaki, Japan: Omura  Omura/Nagasaki, Japan
     OSA  Osaka, Japan: (Osaka Mean)  Osaka, Japan
     OSA  Osaka, Japan: Osaka International  Osaka, Japan
     SDJ  Sendai, Japan: Sendai Airport  Sendai, Japan
     SHB  Nakashibetsu, Japan: Nakashibetsu Airport  Nakashibetsu, Japan
     SYO  Shonai, Japan: Shonai Airport  Shonai, Japan
     TAK  Takamatsu, Japan: Takamatsu Airport  Takamatsu, Japan
     TKS  Tokushima, Japan: Tokushima Airport  Tokushima, Japan
     TNE  Tanegashima, Japan: Tanegashima Airport  Tanegashima, Japan
     TOY  Toyama, Japan: Toyama Airport  Toyama, Japan
     TSJ  Tsushima, Japan: Tsushima Airport  Tsushima, Japan
     TTJ  Tottori, Japan: Tottori Airport  Tottori, Japan
     UBJ  Ube, Japan: Ube Airport  Ube, Japan
     UEO  Kume Jima, Japan: Kume Jima Airport  Kume Jima, Japan
     WKJ  Wakkanai, Japan: Hokkaido  Wakkanai, Japan
     XWQ  Iwakuni, Japan: Iwakuni Mcas  Iwakuni, Japan
     YGJ  Yonago, Japan: Miho  Yonago, Japan

    Japan News


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