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    Home » Dialing Codes » Russia

    Russia Dialing Code

    DIAL FROM USA: 0-11- 7 - Russia City Codes

    Russia Calling Card

    Russia Background

    Russia Timezone Information

     Time Zone

    Time Now

      Russia West    07:50 PM
      Russia Central 1    09:50 PM
      Russia Central 2    12:50 AM
      Russia East    04:50 AM

    Find City Code:
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      Abakan    39022
      Aban    39163
      Abaza    39047
      Abdulino    35355
      Abinsk    86150
      Achinsk    39151
      Achit    34391
      Achkhoy - Martan    87142
      Adamovka    35365
      Adyge - Khabl    87870
      Agapovoka    35140
      Aginskoye ( Chita )    30239
      Aginskoye ( Krasnoyarsky )    39142
      Agryz    84351
      Akbulak    35335
      Akhtubinsk    85111
      Aksay    86350
      Aksha    30231
      Aksubayevo    84344
      Aktanysh    84352
      Alagir    86731
      Alapayevsk    34346
      Aldan    41145
      Aleksandrov    9244
      Aleksandrov Gay    74578
      Aleksandrovsk - Sakhalinski    424340
      Aleksandrovskoye ( Stavropol )    86557
      Aleksandrovskoye ( Tomsk )    38255
      Alekseyevka ( Belgorod )    7234
      Alekseyevka ( Samara )    84671
      Alekseyevskaya    84446
      Alekseyevskoye    84341
      Aleksin    8753
      Aleysk    38553
      Almenevo    35242
      Almetyevsk    84312
      Alnashi    34150
      Altaysky    38537
      Amga    41142
      Amurzet    42165
      Anadyr    42722
      Anapa    86133
      Andreapol    8267
      Angarsk    39518
      Anna    7346
      Antropovo    9430
      Anzhero - Sudzhensk    38453
      Apastovo    84376
      Apsheronsk    86152
      Ardatov    83431
      Ardon    86732
      Argayash    35132
      Argun    87147
      Arkadak    74542
      Arkhangelsk    81822
      Arkhangelskoye    34774
      Arkhonka    86739
      Armavir    86137
      Arsenyevo    8733
      Arsk    84366
      Artemovski    34363
      Arti    34395
      Arzamas    83147
      Asbest    34365
      Asekeyeuo    35351
      Asha    35159
      Asino    38241
      Askino    34771
      Askiz    39045
      Astrakhan    85122
      Atkarsk    74552
      Aykino    82134
      Aznakayevo    85511
      Azov    86342

    Russia Calling Card

    Major Airports in Russia

     Airport Code  Name  City
     /MS  Moscow, Russia (European): (Moscow Mean)  Moscow, Russia (European)
     AAQ  Anapa, Russia (European): Anapa Airport  Anapa, Russia (European)
     AER  Adler/Sochi, Russia (European): Adler/Sochi Airport  Adler/Sochi, Russia (European)
     ARH  Arkhangel'sk, Russia (European): Arkhangel'sk Airport  Arkhangel'sk, Russia (European)
     BQS  Blagoveschensk, Russia (Asian): Blagoveschensk Airport  Blagoveschensk, Russia (Asian)
     BTK  Bratsk, Russia (Asian): Bratsk Airport  Bratsk, Russia (Asian)
     DME  Moscow, Russia (European): Domodedovo  Moscow, Russia (European)
     DYR  Anadyr, Russia (Asian): Ugolnyye Kopi  Anadyr, Russia (Asian)
     GDX  Magadan, Russia (Asian): Magadan Airport  Magadan, Russia (Asian)
     GOJ  Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia (European): Nizhniy Novgorod Airport  Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia (European)
     HRK  Kharkov, Ukraine: Kharkov Airport  Kharkov, Ukraine
     IKT  Irkutsk, Russia (Asian): Irkutsk Airport  Irkutsk, Russia (Asian)
     IWA  Ivanovo, Russia (European): Ivanovo Airport  Ivanovo, Russia (European)
     KGD  Kaliningrad, Russia (European): Kaliningrad Airport  Kaliningrad, Russia (European)
     KHV  Khabarovsk, Russia (Asian): Novyy  Khabarovsk, Russia (Asian)
     KJA  Krasnojarsk, Russia (Asian): Krasnojarsk Airport  Krasnojarsk, Russia (Asian)
     KRR  Krasnodar, Russia (European): Krasnodar Airport  Krasnodar, Russia (European)
     KUF  Samara, Russia (European): Kujbysev  Samara, Russia (European)
     KZN  Kazan, Russia (European): Kazan Airport  Kazan, Russia (European)
     LED  St. Petersburg, Russia (European): Pulkovo  St. Petersburg, Russia (European)
     LED  St. Petersburg, Russia (European): Pulkovo  St. Petersburg, Russia (European)
     MJZ  Mirnyj, Russia (Asian): Mirnyj Airport  Mirnyj, Russia (Asian)
     MMK  Murmansk, Russia (European): Murmansk Airport  Murmansk, Russia (European)
     MRV  Mineralnye Vody, Russia (European): Mineralnye Vody Airport  Mineralnye Vody, Russia (European)
     NBC  Naberevnye Chelny, Russia (European): Naberevnye Chelny Airport  Naberevnye Chelny, Russia (European)
     NER  Neryungri, Russia (Asian): Neryungri Airport  Neryungri, Russia (Asian)
     NJC  Nizhnevartovsk, Russia (Asian): Nizhnevartovsk Airport  Nizhnevartovsk, Russia (Asian)
     OMS  Omsk, Russia (Asian): Omsk Airport  Omsk, Russia (Asian)
     OVB  Novosibirsk, Russia (Asian): Tolmachevo  Novosibirsk, Russia (Asian)
     PEE  Perm, Russia (European): Perm Airport  Perm, Russia (European)
     PKC  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia (Asian): Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia (Asian)
     PVS  Provideniya, Russia (Asian): Urelik  Provideniya, Russia (Asian)
     PWE  Pewek, Russia (Asian): Pewek Airport  Pewek, Russia (Asian)
     PYJ  Polyarnyj, Russia (Asian): Polyarnyj Airport  Polyarnyj, Russia (Asian)
     REN  Orenburg, Russia (European): Orenburg Airport  Orenburg, Russia (European)
     ROV  Rostov, Russia (European): Rostov Airport  Rostov, Russia (European)
     RU1  Keperveyeim, Russia (Asian): Keperveyeim Airport  Keperveyeim, Russia (Asian)
     SGC  Surgut, Russia (Asian): Surgut Airport  Surgut, Russia (Asian)
     STW  Stavropol, Russia (European): Stavropol Airport  Stavropol, Russia (European)
     SVO  Moscow, Russia (European): Sheremetyevo  Moscow, Russia (European)
     SVX  Ekaterinburg, Russia (Asian): Ekaterinburg/Sverdlovsk  Ekaterinburg, Russia (Asian)
     TJM  Tyumen, Russia (Asian): Tyumen Airport  Tyumen, Russia (Asian)
     UFA  Ufa, Russia (European): Ufa Airport  Ufa, Russia (European)
     ULY  Ulyanovsk, Russia (European): Ulyanovsk Airport  Ulyanovsk, Russia (European)
     UUS  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia (Asian): Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia (Asian)
     VKO  Moscow, Russia (European): Vnukovo  Moscow, Russia (European)
     VOG  Volgograd, Russia (European): Volgograd Airport  Volgograd, Russia (European)
     VVO  Vladivostok, Russia (Asian): Vladivostok Airport  Vladivostok, Russia (Asian)

    Russia News


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